Coated foil

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Imagine what it could mean for your business to have this flexibility, efficiency, cost, and quality advantage over your competitors. At O&PM Europa, we are bringing a new flexibility to the market, and our unique approach to innovation is beginning to make waves in the world of digital inkjet thanks to the unrivalled adaptability, creativity, and outstanding quality of our offering. Want to be at the forefront of the digital print revolution? Get in touch today!


MOQ1.000 m²1.000 m²1.000 m²1.000 m²
AppearanceWhite GlossyWhite GlossyWhite GlossyWhite Glossy
Thickness12/7/80 µm50 µm25/12/25 µm80 µm
PrintabilityAq. Dye/PigmentAq. Dye/PigmentAq. Dye/PigmentAq. Dye/Pigment
OTR (23°C)< 0,10 cm³/m².day.atm< 0,16 cm³/m².day.atm< 0,10 cm³/m².day.atm< 0,15 cm³/m².day.atm
WTR (23°C)< 0,05 g/m².day< 0,80 g/m².day< 0,04 g/m².day< 0,33 g/m².day


Pre-coatingsF47XW08 F24
MOQ500 kg500 kg500 kg
Semi GlossHigh GlossGloss
Pigment InksDye and Pigment InksDye and Pigment Inks
Paper/SyntheticsPaper/SyntheticsRigid Synthetics


Coated foil

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