World wide we serve companies in very different areas, Whole salers in flexible films, Chemicals companies, Flexible films packaging, Specialists in Digital printing, etc. Our specialisms make the difference. Custom made multi layer labels, Digital flexible films printing, Contract coating with our own formulated pre-coatings, In-House labels production, we can assist and show possibilities which you didn't know they existed.

Pre-coatings with predefined specifications, we can formulate on request to your substrates specifications. We are one of the very few companies in the world (maybe even the only one) with this service.

Flexible films printing, we can help you find the most effective way of printing these materials. With our pre-coatings you can print nearly on every type of substrate!

Flexibility, creativity and solid solutions are key words in our company in Tilburg. Generated through long experience in the labeling and packaging industry.

With our small team of specialists we make sure you get the best possible solution.

We like the challenge to do the ultimate on cost saving with digital inkjet printing.



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