Who are we?

O&PM Europa is a precoatings, labels and direct-to-object printing specialist based in Tilburg, Netherlands. Established in 2015, we now serve a global customer base across a range of areas including Europe’s largest chemical companies, and serve key growth markets including labels and labelling, containers and packaging, and flexible packaging.

Why work with us?

What makes O&PM Europa different? We don’t stop until we crack the formula. While other providers might trial until their products are ‘good enough’, we keep researching, developing, and experimenting until we bring you the perfect result. R&D is the name of the game at O&PM Europa! Talk to us about your substrate specifications and we will find your perfect solution. We can open your eyes to possibilities that you didn’t know existed, with dramatic changes in digital printing already underway thanks to our product portfolio.

Properties of our coatings

  • Rheology
  • Appearence
  • Colour gamut
  • Colour brilliance
  • Adhesion on synthetics
  • Absorption
  • Rub resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Pigment/Dye fixation
  • Non Bleeding with different inks
  • Coating application
  • Pricing
  • Coating thickness
  • Drying
  • Curing
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Coat – Print - Deliver

For the first time, your inkjet project is in your hands. Whether it’s digital label printing, flexible film printing, packaging printing or direct-to-object printing, O&PM Europa can deliver the first ever full concept, end-to-end process that coats, prints, and delivers your perfect product your way!

 Printing on cardboard, flexible films or packaging? When you work with us, you can find everything you need for outstanding quality, unmatched efficiency, and remarkable affordability. Everything you need from our range of precoatings and ability to formulate precoatings to match your exact specifications, to our world-first coatings system enabling you to coat your own materials, to printing systems from our OEM partners.

Imagine what it could mean for your business to have this flexibility, efficiency, cost, and quality advantage over your competitors. At O&PM Europa, we are bringing a new flexibility to the market,       and our unique approach to innovation is beginning to make waves in the world of digital inkjet thanks to the unrivalled adaptability, creativity, and outstanding quality of our offering. Want to be at the forefront of the digital print revolution? Get in touch today! labels@opm-europa.com

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Excellent Color Gamut

Order our premium quality primers for your specific needs.

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