Pre-coatings and contract coating

Since we have specialized in the waterbased inkjet technology, we also offer pre-coatings and contract coating of your substrates. We can do the pre-coating and coating on PET, PP, PE, OPP, Bio-PP, Paper, PVC, Metal, Glass and other substrates. In Matte, Gloss or even White Ink-receptive pre-coatings. From 25cm width up to 150cm width. This will give you the advantage to print on any surface with Waterbased inks. Plus, there is no reason to change your substrates.

We formulate the pre-coatings ourselves. We can adapt the type of primer needed for each specific substrate. This gives you the advantage and abillity to print on any substrate with digital waterbased inkjet systems.

For example: F47X+: Semi Gloss primer, 12 gr/m2 Dry Laydown; € 7,58 p/kg to € 12,78 p/kg depending on volume purchased

Primary properties:

  • Very good adhesion on many substrates
  • Very good absorption/Fixation pigments or dyes

Secondary unique properties:

  • Excellent water fastness
  • Excellent Colour brilliance
  • Excellent Fast Drying/Leveling

Please give us a call for more detailed information.


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